Friday, June 4, 2010


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lily's First Official Vaca and Easter!

We had a great time this year for Easter. My parents made their way from the arctics and down to the desert for a weekend full of fun! Here are some pics to prove the good times.

We had a great dinner and Easter egg hunt on Easter at Cody and Megan's house. This year Lily was able to crawl to the eggs but there were really only two eggs that sparked her attention.

She did get one egg in her basket. not bad for an 8 month old baby

This was her excited face as she finally approached her lonely egg

Say cheese!

Easter basket from grandma and grandpa Christensen

Her Easter basket from the Easter bunny into shambles, sorry this is all out of order oh well:)
Cash and Daisy attacking the Easter bunny! RUN Lily
Her priceless face when she spotted her Easter basket
Bubbles and candy oh my
good morning my bunny
Easter basket before she thrashed it. We made an exception for the day and put lots of soft candy in there like Cotton candy, peeps, and marshmallows. She spit all of it out thankfully so she does not turn into a candy monster like her mom!
We also made a quick trip to San Diego with our friends Lacy and Alex which was Lily's first real vacation.
Lily and Noah playing in the sand together

I L-O-V-E those eyes
The water at Coronado island was freezing but Lily didn't mind because she kept splashing us
She wanted to sit in the water so we let her hahahaha
We have been teaching her to walk and why not do it in the best place in the world, the BEACH!

eating sand
This pic is Lily at the end of the day at the San Diego Zoo. SOOOOOOO tired

piggy back with Daddy

piggy back with Daddy? hahaha
family pic didn't turn out so well
this is what she does to the dogs. Poke the eye and pull the ear
SOO tired as we wait in line for the panda

here fishy fishy
Thanks for visiting our blog! More of this cute face to come.........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Photo Shoot

I decided it was about time I read the instruction manual for my new camera and attempt a photo shoot outside with Lily to test my mad new skills. I took her to the cutest little park here in Las Vegas. There were ducks everywhere and not to mention peacocks. I really wanted to bring a peacock home with me but I refrained from being a criminal. So here is what I came up with for her Spring photo shoot hope you enjoy!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well I thought it was about time for a post so here it is. I am sorry there is not much typing and it is out of order aso bare with me but I feel like I do this ALL day at work so unorganized pics pare all you get hahahaha! There are some perks for living in Las Vegas and that is if we are bored we can take a visit to the Bellagio and check out what new garden and water show.

This is Lily's new smile is it not the cutest funniest thing you have ever seen? hahaha

This time of the year they have a Chinese garden and it was really pretty and did I mention smelt amazing!

Clint's sister Steph and our nephew Braden came to visit and he sure loves Lily and Lily LOVES him she would just laugh at him if he said BOO!

Oh did I mention Lily is crawling. I know it seems early doesn't it? She knows where door stoppers and cords are and oh my goodness it is hard keeping her out of trouble:O

Emma came to visit one Sunday and Lily and her had a great photo shoot that night. Here is Emma's funny face.

Just hanging out
Like I said this face is to die for I love it
All ready for church with her pearls

We took a trip to the Arctics ( Cedar City) and thought is would be a good idea to let her play in the snow. Turned out that it was not such a good idea.